About the Journal

Founded in 1987, the Journal fosters contemporary discourse on judicial decisions, legislation, law reform, and other legal and social issues facing public policy decision-makers. Each issue contains both analytical and thought-provoking articles written by lawyers, judges, scholars, and public officials. The Journal is published four times a year by the University of Florida Levin College of Law. The Journal is designed to serve the needs of professionals, researchers, instructors, and students in the academic fields of law and public policy, journalism and mass communications, business and social science, and other related disciplines, as well as law libraries, policy analysts, and public officials.

Governing Boards & Purpose

Composed of law students, the Board is responsible for selecting, researching, and preparing each volume for publication.

Faculty advisor Stacey Steinberg and staff editor Lisa Caldwell ensure that the Journal operates smoothly.

The ​University of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy is an interdisciplinary organization whose primary purpose is the publication of scholarly articles on contemporary legal and social issues facing public policy decision makers. 

Membership Benefits

Research & Writing Skills

General Board Members conduct the first round of edits for all articles selected for publication. Members have the opportunity to refine their legal research and writing skills through this process.

Community Service

The Journal is dedicated to engaging in community service and participates in many service events throughout the year.


Our Executive Board provides dozens of opportunities for students to become leaders. Elections take place each semester.


Each Journal member is required to produce a note before they graduate. Students are provided the tools to get their notes published in law journals across the country.

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